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An introduction

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Welcome to my first post. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. If you haven’t yet, please take a minute to look at the “About Lead With Mercy” and “About the Author” tabs. Hopefully they’ll give you some initial insight into me and my vision for this blog. This is my first foray into blogging so wish me luck, please. If you’re the praying type, those would be most welcome as well. As you’ve gleaned by now, this blog is about leadership, the development of leaders, executive coaching as it pertains to the two former topics, and I’m sure we’ll evolve into other related topics as well (a framework for guiding the transition of military veterans into the civilian workforce is one potential “other” topic I’m considering). I’d welcome your suggestions on any topics. In marketing any business, they tell you to consider your target audience. So who is my target audience? My hope is you will be a diverse audience from various walks of life (public sector, private sector, non-profit, non-governmental, religious). I hope I can attract leaders – current and future – with various levels of experience who are interested in thoughtful conversations and content about leadership, leaders, and their (our) development. As I get my feet under me I hope to start a podcast of interviews with leaders from various walks of life with the intent of hearing their perspectives on leadership. I hope to share additional useful content as well (potentially my perspectives on leadership, especially the idea of leading with mercy and my framework that defines and guides such leadership). I will also test the waters on some ideas for a book on the same topic. Again, thanks for joining me on this journey. I sincerely welcome your participation and feedback. I’m sure we’ll have some growing pains but that’s all part of the learning and discovery process … so please be merciful!

– Rob

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